August 06, 2012

Anonymous | STERN Magazine

One of the more interesting subjects I have ever photographed. Barrett Brown.
He is a supposed part of the hacker group Anonymous.
I meet up with my German writer, Michael (Great guy) and off we went to find what Barrett had in store for us…what ever condition we would find that is. Brilliant conversations were had as well as some; I have no idea where this guy is coming from, but still riveting. To call this guy a nut is wrong, he is a genius simply put. But with that genius, is a health dose of madness. Not evil, not good VS bad…just plain old fashion madness. It was exuberating to be around someone so committed. Perhaps not everything he was committed to I found acceptable, but what concerned me, was that there were something’s…hmmmmm.
Remember not all madness is bad. Quite an exhilarating day of photography to say the least.
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