June 10, 2013

Here and Now

The Here and Now

Diving deep into the world of bullfighting with a group of Texans I spent 3 years on and off
Pursuing a personal photographic project. In my time I’ve experienced many things, but this, this was another thing all together. The Fiesta Brava, and every thing that surrounds it is such a different reality to any I have known.

As time grew, I became as at home with these people as if they were my own. We became friends, friends I made there in this dusty raw land that is the border are to this day as strong as any I have made in my life. I guess when the elephant hanging around in the room is death, everything is a bit stronger, smokier, sweeter…real.

I observed the struggles, the conflicts, the fear in these matadors and aficionado’s.
Never did it change. It was the drug of living life to the razors edge that beckoned some,
but to others, it was what gave them license to carry on the day to day.

Celebrating this life just because it is here and now.

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